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Parade Pictures

A few pictures from the big parades this week.

Don't forget - click to see a larger version.

Saint Mary's    Flags

Band at Plaza Bolivar    Marching Band

Colorful Pollera    Polleras    Parade Pollera

White Pollera    Flag Girl

Parade Notes:
  • It rained bigtime on the first parade, which is apparantly almost a tradition - everyone just kept on going.
  • Parents and supporters marched with their bands - sort of a moving crowd.
  • The drum salesmen in Panama are doing a very good business.
  • Never noticed majorettes marching in high heals (some even the spiked variety) until here.
  • Was a little surprised to see that USA flag.
  • It started on time and they did a great job of cleaning up afterwards.

Hope you enjoy the pictures. Take care.

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