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Our Casa Angel

Casa Angel

A couple of months ago, while wandering the streets of Casco Viejo, a piece of artwork caught our eye at one of the galleries. This large wooden angel (made of driftwood by a Panamanian artist) was so big the gallery had it hanging on the outside of the building. Several days later, Jane finally asked if it might be for sale - it was. Our problem, we had nowhere to hang it (this was back during those great remodeling days) but that was quickly solved when the gallery owner said they would keep it for us until the apartment was ready.

Angel in foyer

Today we finally had the space ready, so off to the gallery. After sizing things up, I tucked "her" under my arm and away we went. The three block trek with "our angel" had everyone smiling. At the apartment we now had a heavy, big (nearly 5 feet tall) and unwieldy angel that we wanted high up on one of our twenty foot walls. After a couple of tries we managed to get "her" secured to the wall in our entryway. Looks pretty good - "Our Casa Angel" keeping an eye on us from above.

Take care.
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