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Night walk

Casco Viejo at night

When the sun starts to set Casco Viejo several things happen. The government offices close and most of the government workers head for home in other parts of the city, construction projects call it quits for the day, their workers leave and the noise level drops, and those that live in Casco venture out to enjoy the cool evening. Wags and I are normally out 3 or 4 times starting with our after dinner walk (Jane is doing the dishes) and it's not unusual for us to be out on a last walk after midnight. Last night we ventured out around eleven and this is what we encountered . . .

A little girl trying out her new roller skates, while mom watched from a park bench. The young lovers, sitting along the promenade, enjoying each other and the moon on the water. A fireworks display across the bay. Several policemen on their rounds. People ARRIVING at the jazz club. The outdoor restaurants still had a lot of people enjoying the cool night air and at Plaza Bolivar the band was still playing. A group of German tourists. The Calle Segunda (in the street) poker game. Neighbors walking their dog. Some kids playing on the beach. A couple of guitar players practicing. Even one intrepid shaved ice vendor was still out. Just a normal night in Casco and why we find it so interesting.

Night Walk

Take care.

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