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Odds and Ends

taking it easy

Pretty quiet in Casco Viejo. Jane is in Kentucky until the end of the week. Wags and I are just hangin' out - last night we went out for tacos - I eat, Wags watches. We did have overnight visitors - Rose and Joel from St. Croix, they rented a car and are now out exploring and I'm sure they will have some stories to tell when they get back to the City.

Some miscellaneous stuff you might (might not) find interesting.

  • Had our three a/c units cleaned. What's interesting about that? The bill, two guys worked nearly three hours - total bill $92.
  • One of Panama's past presidents died recently. Guillermo Endara, was elected in 1989 but Manual Noriega nullified the election and it wasn't until later that year, when the U.S. invaded Panama and arrested Noriega, that he took office.
  • Three contracts worth a total of $413.4 million dollars to complete the last phase of the project to clean up the Bay of Panama have just been awarded. Panama is putting some serious money into this very important project.
  • Another contract - the second phase of the Cinta Costera (road and seaside park) that will run from the seafood market to 9th Street in Casco Viejo, and will have a cost of $52 million dollars, has been awarded. Most think this will be good for Casco.
  • Still talking money, but this time it's U.S. tax dollars at work in Panama. Back in 1923 a small research station was opened by the Smithsonian Institution on Barro Colorado Island, in the Panama Canal. Now known as the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institution (STRI) it is one of the leading research institutions of the world. The STRI has been authorized $14 million dollars to build new laboratory facilities here in Panama.

That's it for now. Wags say woof. From me the usual - take care.

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