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Sunday Flea Market

Casco Flea Market

The Sunday flea market in Casco Viejo usually means that Jane and I walk the three blocks to Plaza Independencia to check things out - maybe get a snow cone or grab something to eat. Jane might find a book or two, a craft item or a plant for the apartment. We people watch for a while then head home.

Occasionally something special is going on - like today . . .
we enjoyed live music and a great performance by a folkloric dance group in traditional dress.

Folklore Dancers Dancer with the yellow dress

Dance Group Taking a bow Folk Dancer

A footnote: While we were enjoying the show three tour busses rolled by - packed with tourist, with faces pressed against the window. They didn't have time to stop and enjoy. What a shame, because this was not a production for tourists (90% of the audience were Panamanians) it was the "real deal" at a very small local event.

Hope you always make the time to stop and enjoy - wherever you are. Take care.

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