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On the beach

Our beach

About a 150 feet from our front door is this beach. In this first picture we are looking down from the promenade that is across the street from our apartment. All kinds of activities take place on this strip of sand (only available during low tide) - from, soccer and baseball games to weddings. The local kids even swim here and lately i've been using the beach for . . .
walks with Wags. He can run around without a leash and we both get a little exercise.

on the beach
On the beach looking up at the promenade (white railing to the right).

Wags at the wall Wags on the beach city wall circa 1690
Here Wags is exploring the base of the old city walls that were built at the end of the seventeenth century.

Remember, this beach completely disappears at high tide. Unlike St. Croix (or even the Caribbean side of Panama) where tides are measured in inches, tides on the Pacific coast can easily reach fifteen FEET (even higher under some conditions).

Wags on the beach (low tide) same beach (high tide)
These two pictures show Wags on the beach and a shot of the same area with the tide in.

Have a great day. Take care.

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