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More visitors

Elaine and Ron visiting Casco
Another great day in Casco Viejo made even better by a visit from Panama Notes readers, Elaine and Ron. We had a nice lunch at Super Gourmet and did our little walking tour of Casco which ended, of course, with a stop at the ice cream shop.

The Bramson's plan on building in Altos Del Maria - trading in the big city life of Atlanta for the more laid back lifestyle in a mountain community. It's always interesting when we visit with others that plan on moving to Panama (or already have) to hear the why's and process used in selecting a particular place within the country. Everyone has their own criteria and the attractiveness of Panama is that it has something for everyone.
Elaine and Jane

Every visit we have from a "Notes" reader has turned a name into a friend. Thanks for stopping by guys - hope we see you again!

Take care.
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