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Some Technical Stuff

Just a short post tonight about some of the tools used to put this site together.

I’m a MAC guy. My current operating system is OSX 10.5.3 running on a MAC Mini. My primary web browser is Safari.
Help requested from those NOT using the Safari browser - the majority of visitors. Could you give me some feedback on how this site looks and functions for you.

This site is made with RapidWeaver, help from iPhoto, Picturesque and ForkLift. Pictures taken with a Sony Cybershot. Site hosted by Little Oak Hosting.

Important: The Comment System used on the “Notes” page is from JS-Kit. I’ve made several subtle changes to the stock system and I think it will work fine - once I get the kinks worked out. One important thing to remember when you post a comment - including your email address is optional. When you include your email you will receive an email whenever someone makes a comment to the same “Note” - on other systems it’s called “subscribing” to the thread. When you receive that email you can “unsubscribe” from the thread by following the the provided link. If you DO NOT want to subscribe (receive email notifications) just leave the email field blank when you submit your original comment. PLEASE keep the comments coming, they will become an increasingly important part of this project.

Thanks for your continuing participation.

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