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Every now and then I plan to include “notes’ from special correspondents who may have a special viewpoint on life in Panama. This “note” is from our roving reporter who has had his nose to the ground over these last four months sniffing out aspects of our adventure that may be overlooked by us mere mortals. So, from the paws of B.G. Wags some observations - woof, woof, woof-woof, woof. Oops, forgot to turn the translator on, now that that’s fixed you can. . . .

The plane

That plane ride was pretty neat (even though they wouldn’t roll down the windows so I could hang out) then we hit the ground and this nice van took us to the terminal.
Wags arriving in Panama

Now that we have settled in Casco Viejo my favorite thing is goings on walks and checking out all the new smells and trying to eat stuff when no one is looking. Everyone seems to know my name. They even want to pet me, which is ok as long as they don’t think that all I’ve got to do is stand around while they act silly.

Wags in the park Wags and Jane resting
Cat Crew in the park

Didn’t like those St. Croix cats, but the CVC (Casco Viejo Cats) and I have pretty much made a deal, I don’t bother them, they don’t mess with me! That’s pretty cool.

Wags shoping
Also do a little shoping (not a lot of fun) but a guy has do do what a guy has to do. Still can’t get any of that good ice cream, but I do get a snow cone (solo hielo) if it’s a really hot day.Wags and Ice Cream

Late night walks are really nice, it’s cool and sometimes Steve and I go to the plaza and listen to the music or stop and visit with the men playing chess.

Guess that’s it for now - Steve wants to go for a walk. Woof Woof. (Take care)

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