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Things happen to us all the time in Panama that are interesting, confusing, laughable, or unique - some might even be of interest to you, the reader. The problem is, although we (Jane and I) notice or comment to each other, there is nothing of real import that makes me run to the computer and whip up an “Note” for your perusal. If I do, make it to the computer, I then want to “tell a story” that maybe doesn’t really need to be told. So . . . . . today I introduce you to “Extras”. When you see this logo what you will get is a very short “Note” about? Something! It may be useful or funny (maybe both), but it won’t take much of your time.

Extra: A couple of days ago we needed to travel across town to Albrook Airport. We had airline reservations but our plans had changed and we needed to cancel. Since our Spanish is still a little weak (hablan muy poco español) we decided it would be easier going to the airport to sort things out. We waived the taxi down, asked the fare ($3.00) and off we went. On one of the cities’ busier streets (four lanes, each direction) our taxi moves to the far left lane to overtake . . . the snow-cone guy on his motorized three wheel cart (snow-cone-mobile?). Our guess was he was trying to get to his customers, FAST, before his ice melted. To his credit - he was wearing a helmet.

By the way - when we got to the ticket counter, the nice young man said - no problem the ticket is good for ninety days. “So you will cancel our reservation” we asked - “No, that’s not necessary”, he responds - “just call this number when you want to make another reservation”. I will reserve comment until I see how this “system” works when we show up for our actual trip.


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