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Something Fishy

Mercado de Mariscos Restaurant at the Fish Market

Yesterday after shopping on Avenida Central we walked a couple of blocks to the Mercado de Mariscos (Fish Market). If you noticed the Japanese flag on the sign -the building was a gift from the Japanese government. Upstairs is a restaurant that overlooks the floor of the market where we had lunch. In addition to pretty good food you get the added benefit of the free show going on below. You can even buy your entree from one of the vendors and take it to the restaurant for preparation.

View from restaurant of Fish Market floor Making a sale

The fishermen dock at the municipal pier out front and sell their catches to wholesalers who buy the entire load. The wholesalers then turn around and resell the fish to retailers. The stands you see are individual retailers who sell to the general public.

Mercado de Mariscos merchant with his product

These merchants have just about anything that comes from the sea - whether your taste is exotic or tends to the more mundane - you have a good chance of finding something.

A short walk, with quick stops to check a couple of wood shops (furniture) and the cigar maker, and we are back at the apartment.

Take care.

Postscript: It’s Friday night in Casco and the place is jumping. Panamanians like to have a good time. Wags and I will check it out on our late night walk.

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