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Visa Requirements?

Warning: This post has nothing worth reading unless you're thinking of moving to, or retiring in Panama. Of course, if you are really bored or have nothing better to do, feel free to

If you desire to move to, or retire in Panama, you will need to eventually apply for something other than a Tourist Visa (unless you are good at, and comfortable with, violating Panama's immigration laws). Jane and I will be applying for the Visa Pensionado (Pensioner Tourist Visa) - other options are available that may better suit your particular circumstances. Because a new immigration law is pending (that means it may happen, may not, and will likely be revised several times before final adoption, whenever) I won't give the details of our visa application process as it most certainly will be different for you.

What I will say (with some degree of confidence that it will be good advice) is to do the following:
  1. Find a good Panamanian lawyer that specializes in immigration issues. Current law requires one, but more importantly, you will need someone who knows the requirements when you apply.
  2. Don’t start assembling your documents to early (generally they need to be issued within six months of when you apply for your Visa).
  3. Don’t wait until the last minute (it’s very expensive and difficult to get documents after you arrive in Panama).
  4. Don’t rely on message boards or internet sites for information regarding Visa application procedures and requirements. People are well intentioned but just can’t provide timely/accurate information on this issue. For legal advice ask your lawyer!

Click Here and check under “Visa Info” for some links you may find useful.

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