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We're back in business

Mac Store
Our Mac Mini returned from the shop today, fixed - sort of. For you techies out there our problem was no sound, but unlike most computers, the Mini has no sound card but a chip that is part of the “motherboard”. Short story version - No sound, replace the motherboard. The Mac Store ordered a new board, it arrived on time, they estimated three days and I could get it back - three days later I’m back in business.

Long story version - They replaced the board, everything fine, they do a couple of tests fine, they let it run for awhile - no sound! What we have is one of those hard to track down “intermittent” computer problems. They reinstall the original board, everything fine. They test the new board, looks good - but when they reinstall it, still intermittent sound. So, they put the original board back in and give me a call. They have ordered another motherboard, so in a couple of weeks it’s back to the shop to see if they can track the problem down.

So far I give them high marks: THEY told me the Mini was under warranty, I didn’t know. When they reinstalled the original board and the problem had corrected itself they could have just called and said pick it up - instead, they ran some additional tests and ordered another board. Everything happened as scheduled. Yes, I hope they find a permanent solution but they get ★★★★★ so far.

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