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Quick Observations

La Cresta looking toward Avenida Balboa
We won’t speak of first impressions because Jane an I visited for a month back in 2006 but some things from the previous trip and the first weeks of our move do come to mind. Most are just trivial observations, a few are serious - some may change over time and a couple will be featured in upcoming “notes”.

The people a very friendly and willing to help. When we got a little disorientated (I never get lost) a store clerk got on his cell phone to get directions for us - even got Jane a place to sit and a glass of water. The lady we were to meet then got in her car and picked us up.

We like to walk around town. Panamanians do not. We are told it’s too hot, but also that it’s a status thing to drive.

Jane on our tour with the Policia de Turismo Plaza de la Independencia - Casco Viejo

Walking in Casco Viejo is fun. Last trip we got a private tour from the
Policia de Turismo, including a up-close look at the Presidential Palace. On our visit last week we were interviewed by a group of military cadets as part of their English language training.

Crossing a street on foot is an adventure.

Panama City is one big traffic jam for a good part of the each day.
Via España

Driving in Panama City is like playing a video game. I like it, Jane does not!

We need to work on our Spanish!

A can of Coke can cost more than a beer in the supermarket. But you might get a free rum and coke while grocery shopping, I did.

Fruits, vegetables and flowers are cheap and fresh. In fact, if you avoid the name brands imported from the U.S., most groceries are less expensive.

Applying for our visa took less time than my last trip to DMV on St. Croix to register a car. We did have a nice young lady assisting us at Migración, but they move a LOT of people through a complicated process quickly. It’s confusing but organized. And the agent helping us was very nice, even smiled.

Prescriptions are not necessary for most medicines. Just go to the farmacia and tell/show them what you need.

The garbage is picked up everyday but Panama City is not a clean place. Litter is a big problem.

We really need to work on our Spanish!!

Store clerks and personnel know what “customer service” means.

Good ice cream!

Panamanians use fireworks to celebrate anything and everything.

We’re having fun and smile more than we frown.

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