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Cerro Azul - Just Looking

Altos de Cerro Azul
Rained most of this morning, just another Rainy Season day - sun peaked out a couple of times, then the clouds rolled in. Quite amazing how fast the conditions change: rain, sun, clouds in the valley, clouds on a neighboring ridge and sometimes we are actually IN THE CLOUDS.

The sun pops out and we decide to explore parts of Cerro Azul a little farther off the “yellow brick road”. Away we go. If my earlier pictures gave the impression that all the houses are small, modest affairs - check these out.
Cerro Azul very nice house
Cerro Azul white house

and these.

Cerro Azul house on the main road.
Cerro Azul - typical Chalet house

After all that driving around we decided to stop by the clubhouse for lunch.
Cerro Azul - Clubhouse and Restaurant
Cerro Azul restaurant

Cerro Azul - Clubhouse
It’s not a five star establishment, but the food is pretty good, prices right and the setting is very pleasant. We decided not to play a game of pool but take a little walk along the stream (stocked with either large Goldfish or Koi). Next door is the recreation area with tennis courts, a big pool, and the usual (for Cerro Azul) hiking trails. Everything was clean and well maintained, a nice plus for the residents.

After returning to the apartment we discover the car had developed a flat tire sometime during our travels. Wags said he wasn’t responsible, although I think I saw him “doing his thing” on that very tire earlier in the day. Guess I will forgo my afternoon nap - hope they put a jack and a spare with some air in this rental.

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