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Tuesday Night Football

Free Kick for Tauro
Tonight we ventured out for a real football game (soccer to those of you in the U.S.), a Liga de Campeones (Champions League) match between Chivas U.S.A and Tauro F.C. at Estadio Rod Carew. This was the first time I have been able to see a MLS (Major League Soccer) team in person and anticipated a pretty good game because they were facing one of the better local teams. It was a good game, although Chivas had several serious defensive lapses - guess that’s why they lost 2-0.

Chivas USA vs Tauro

Some observations on the evening, not on the match (if you are into soccer check here for the details). The grandmother sitting in front of us with her non-stop commentary on her local teams performance. The vendors carrying around food and beverages in 5 gallon buckets. ACT II Microwave Popcorn (still in it’s original bag, but popped) was a crowd favorite. The tickets were only $10.

Our biggest challenge of the evening - getting to and from the stadium. Our trip out was during rush hour - hard to find a taxi and slow moving after we did. Coming back, because the stadium is a little off the well traveled path, we were concerned about finding a cab. We left a few minutes early only to find - NO cabs. Walked out to the main gate - NO cabs. Jane talked with a stadium employee - and in two minutes we had a cab, whew - it would have been a very looooong walk.

Estadio Rod Carew

Yes, for those of you wondering, it’s Rod Carew the MLB star (and Panamanian) that the stadium is named after.

It was a very pleasant evening - nice watching a good football game under the lights.

Take care.

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