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Panama's Red Devils

Red Devils (Diablo Rojo)
The “Diablo Rojo” of Panama are both famous and infamous. Their planned demise will either be a giant step forward or the death of a cultural icon - take your pick. These recycled U.S. school busses have been a fixture on Panama’s streets for decades. Given no viable (affordable) alternative, Panamanians crowd onto these vividly decorated, loud, exhaust belching antiques and hang on for their lives - literally.
Diablo Rojo on Via España

Visitors or transplants, on the other hand, rarely venture aboard and tend to view the Red Devils as rolling artwork that demonstrates the uniqueness of Panama.

Proving, I guess, that observers have the time to contemplate art in the strangest of places, while those more intimately involved are just trying to get from point “A” to “B” and are left wondering why others stand around and take pictures.

Diablo Rojo near Avenida Central

Red Devil on Avenida Central

Just remember, if you want a tale to tell - best muster up the courage and jump aboard, before it’s too late. Then you will be among those who can say, “I remember when ............”

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