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One Egg

Casco Viejo Grocery
A few days ago Jane was one egg short for a batch of brownies. Out the door she goes to one of our little grocery stores (think convenience store with a little more character) a couple of minutes later she’s back with ONE egg. Cost 15¢. Brownies coming right up.

At the pharmacy if you want a single Advil, no problem. Need twenty - they’ll count them out for you. The same with most drugs, you only need to buy the quantity you want.

For those of you still trying to stop smoking. The vendor on the sidewalk will open the pack a sell you ONE cancer stick. Need a stick of gum after that smoke - again, no problem.

Candy - it’s like the old “Mom and Pop” candy store - get the individual pieces you want.

The overriding reason for this “unit pricing” and distribution is that lower income Panamanians can’t afford a dozen eggs, a bottle of Advil, drugs in foil wrapped packages of twelve, or even a full pack of smokes. They buy what they can afford and need - then come back when they need arises and they can afford more. Needless to say, the average Panamanian isn’t drowning in credit card debit.

Almost forgot, the brownies (with ice cream of course) were great thanks to that ONE egg. Take care.

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