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Sunday Afternoon Football

Varsity League Football
Looking around for something to do after church I found a little blurb on a “Varsity League Football” game in Balboa. Tried to find a little more information to no avail (was it soccer, rugby, “American football”) as the “Varsity League” had me a little stumped. But, what the heck - let’s just go and see. Turned out to be “American football” (if you’re wondering why I use quotes - it’s because in the rest of the world “football” is really soccer). It was the leagues opening day and
and the crowd roars
we saw the Jaguars vs the Falcons plus two other teams we never got the names of. The format, (don’t know if the do this at all their “games”) two teams play a quarter. Then the other two play a quarter and then they start rotating opponents. Lots of cheering (no cheerleaders), music, Spanish announcer with a little English. Had fun, and the football, although not the NFL, was entertaining.

Niko's Cafe in Balboa

After watching several “quarters” we walked next door to Niko’s Cafe for lunch. It’s one of three in the city, all of which are open 24 hours. Nothing fancy, but pretty good food and the prices are right. The area we are in was once part of the Canal Zone and even today has a different feel that most of Panama City. We walked a couple of blocks to take a look at the Panama Canal Authority Administration Building (built by the U.S. Military).
Panama Canal Authority Administration Building
The monument at it’s base is to George W. Geothals, the chief engineer of the canal from 1907 until it’s completion in 1914. We climbed the steps for this view, that’s the Puente de las Américas (Bridge of the Americas) in the background.
Balboa Town from Admin Building

We walked around a bit, then Jane got us a $3.00 taxi ride (across town) to our apartment. Nice afternoon outing.

Take care.

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