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The "Enigmo" Got Me

Why driving is so much fun in Panama

Jane and I went for a drive into the “city” today. Nothing special in mind - primarily it was OJT on how to survive while driving in Panama City plus navigation 101. Nothing really exciting happened, we ended up at Los Pueblos (think VERY big strip shopping center), walked around and then had lunch at TGIFridays. Heading back to Cerro Azul we stopped at El Machetazo (the Panama version of a Super Walmart) for groceries and dessert, a DQ Blizzard. Then back to the apartment where Wags was, not so patiently, waiting.

For those of you that have actually read this far and are wondering “what the heck is a Enigmo” - it’s the reason tonight’s Note is not very exciting and a little on the short side. I downloaded a new 3D puzzle game yesterday and got a little too engrossed and the time sort of disappeared. Sorry - will try to do better tomorrow.


Note: If you like puzzle games and want to take a look - Click Here - be forwarned that I take no responsibility for all the time you will waste.

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