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What's Happening?

Little Dancers
One of my major complaints when we lived on St. Croix was the lack of information on upcoming events. There was always plenty to do - but unfortunately we often found out about a particular event too late, often after it had occurred. Living in Panama City has only magnified the problem where a LOT is going on, but learning about what’s happening is a real challenge - especially for those of us not yet tied into the local “network” and still working on our Spanish language skills.

Here are a some of “tools” I have stumbled upon in our in our brief two months in Panama that might be of interest to those already living here (or planning to) or a curiosity to those of you just wondering what’s happening in Panama.

I’m hoping that other resources come to my attention (that’s a hint) email
if you know of any additional event information sources) - don’t want this retirement thing to become boring.

Maybe we’ll see you at XIX BELLO HOGAR 2008 (The International Fair of Home, Decoration and Fashion) next week at the Atlapa Convention Center or one of the upcoming expat events. Take care.

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